Bespoke Shaker Kitchen

Hertfordshire Shaker Kitchen

A fine example of a handmade kitchen in Hertfordshire is a composition of gathered spaces with the kitchen playing its significant role. The Traditional shaker doors were paired with a beaded face frame as it promotes timeless design.
The natural cabinet interiors present a pleasant contrast against the bold blue tone, presenting a variational emphasis to both parts of the kitchen cabinetry. The hardware stands In plain sight. the “brass and blues” has become one of our favoured combinations.
Quartz work surfaces are resilient to staining and marking, making it a popular choice for kitchen worktops, here we have a low character Ceaserstone that doesn’t draw to much attention thus keeping the focus on the kitchen cabinetry.
Quartz is user friendly for work surfaces, its benefits make it resilient to staining and marking. Ceaserstone was the favoured choice for worktop as it gave out a limited amount of character as the client wanted to keep the focus solely on the cabinetry.

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